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12/30/15 ~ Midweek Meditation - The Life That Cannot Be Explained

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

As we finished our series entitled “It’s a Wonderful Life” this past Sunday, Pastor Joe concluded by passionately reminding us that, in the end, a truly wonderful life cannot be explained by human motivations, earthly concerns, or personal goals. To the contrary, the extraordinary life described in the letter to the church at Philippi (and found throughout the Bible) can only be explained in light of the gospel story God is telling in and through human history. Likewise, it can only be embraced by the infusion of that gospel into our daily lives, living freely and confidently in the awe of God that a gospel infusion produces in us. In fact, we learned that we actually have been created to live in awe of God, that we were designed by our Creator to have that awe at the center of our existence. Joe quoted from the preface of Pastor Paul Tripp’s new book:

“I wrote this book for me because I came to see that I was wired for awe, that awe of something sits at the bottom of everything I say and do. But I wasn’t just wired for awe. I was wired for awe of God. No other awe satisfies the soul. No other awe can give my heart peace, rest, security that it seeks. I came to see that I needed to trace of awe God down to the most mundane of human decisions and activities.” (Awe, Paul David Tripp)

In light of this past Sunday’s sermon and the call of the sacred scriptures, it makes sense for us to get real and be honest with ourselves….and our brothers and sisters. Let’s look back over 2015 and ask ourselves the hard questions. Were our lives explainable by the standards, goals and motivations of our culture and our world? Would someone looking at our lives over the past twelve months be able to easily explain the use of our time, resources and skills. Or would they be left guessing that there must be something unseen, something beyond understanding that was fueling our attitudes and choices. Would they “get it” or would they be left scratching their heads?

Even as we look back and face into the ways and places where we drifted from, ignored or lost track of the gospel this past year, we can repent and rejoice in the grace of God that He has given us a new day and a new year to seek the Lord in greater ways in 2016. As the local church of Jesus Christ in Pinellas county, let’s step into 2016 honestly with a renewed passion to live motivated by and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a part of that commitment, let’s agree to be transparent and accountable to each other in our MC’s and Lifelinks. Let’s agree to be there faithfully each time we plan to gather. Let’s come ready to pray and encourage each one another, to spur each other on to live in awe of God. Let’s be ready to work together to set aside all other pretenders and usurpers to the crown of the One true King, Jesus, our Savior and live lives that can’t be explained away.

Jeff Walser