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American Gospel: Christ Alone

American Gospel2

This week I watched an amazing documentary. It was about health, wealth, and prosperity....well, but not the way you might think. In the documentary, American Gospel, they explore what American Christians understand about the gospel and what really makes it good news. Here is a quote by Tim Challies who reviewed the film.

The great strength of the film is that it’s not only a negative examination of the Word of Faith movement, but also a very positive and helpful examination of biblical truth. Those who watch it will not only be convinced that the prosperity gospel is evil, but they will also know exactly why it is so evil. Even better, they will hear the true and saving gospel of Christ’s atoning death and resurrection. They will be equipped to resist and refute what is wrong and to explain and celebrate what is so much better. - Tim Challies

It was an awesome celebration of the good news. I highly recommend this documentary. Below is the trailer for the film.