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Victory! What Victory?


It is Stanley Cup Playoff time again. And, the Lightning look poised to win it all and be the victors. I would love for them to win.

What is it about winning that we love so much? I definitely don't like losing. When we win, it seems to feel like we have gained something even if there is no prize.

I have heard preachers talk about "getting your victory" over the years. I think, when they talk that way, they are mostly referring to smaller life victories. Some of those victories would be like a new car, new job, promotion, new house, etc. All of that is awesome and good, but there is a victory that far surpasses all of that. Pastor Joe talked about that more important victory yesterday morning.

Jesus did not go to the cross so that we could, mainly, be comfortable and have a bunch of stuff. He was going to fight a battle on a scale that I don't think we will ever fully understand this side of heaven. I do think, as Paul says, we can look at it as though we were looking through a blurry glass. We might not be able to see all of the details, but we can see some. Strive to see all that you can of the cross and what it means. That will change your life.

This morning John Piper sent out a devotion on the "victory" of the cross. Read the rest here.