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God delights in you

July 18, 2010 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Centered.....on the Gospel

Topic: Biblical Passage: Numbers 6:22–6:27

Genesis 6:5 - Only follow your heart when it is controlled and filled with the Holy Spirit because our hearts are wicked.
We are broken, lost and insecure because we didn’t hear it; maybe from our father that we are loved, that he is well pleased. We long to be face to face with our Father that loves us! We long for the promise land where God is face to face, that is our greatest joy.
-The Lord spoke to Moses-
Numbers 1:1,48 ; Numbers 2:1 ; Numbers 3:1,5,11,14 ; Numbers 4:1
Pattern in the first ten chapters leading his people to rest.
-Introductory point God bringing His people into rest:
* Is the living word of God
* Arrangement of the camp, your whole life is centered around Worship
* God is constantly moving His people toward holiness
    - Leviticus 19:2
Aaron’s Benediction - Numbers 6:22-27
This ironic blessing is the substance of the Gospel!
Romans 12:7 Knowing the Gospel changes your life. This ironic blessing is the center of how the gospel changes our life.
Genesis 1:10, 12, 18, 21
Bless you means I delight in you. It’s a joy because God delight in you and protect you forever.
Genesis 25:19-34 Isaac ignored the prophecy, he neglected Jacob. When you don’t hear I delight in you from someone that you look up to, we want to steal the blessing.
Face shine on you, His presence. Its relational God is communicating with you, its face time.
Genesis 27 Jacob questions if stealing the blessing is going to work.
I delight in you can not be stolen.
Two Challenges:
1. Receiving it all the time, the blessing
2. Give it away

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