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Stop crying and Take the Land

August 15, 2010 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Centered.....on the Gospel

Topic: Biblical Passage: Numbers 13:1–13:33

Planting your flag in a gospel centered community, what does it mean?
Take the land as a gospel community.
Are you a functional vagabond, one that just drift thru life?
Consider this: Could it be that God has called you to a place for such a time as this? You have a calling!  Why even take the land? Significance of the land - Genesis 12 The heart of the promise, its all about the gospel.
First Fivefold metanarrative of human history:
    -Creation - Psalm 24
    -Fall - Rebellion
    -Redemption - Elected people
    -Restoration - As gospel is being spread
    -Consummation - Jesus comes
2 Corinthians 5:16-20
Isaiah 43:1,6-7 ; Isaiah 66:18,22-23 - Your life is not your own.
Gospel community come together to take the land!
Numbers 13:1-3 Sequence is refuse to suffer and refuse to be lead, they perish in the desert.
Numbers 13:17-18,21-22,25-33   - Reference of sequence - Colossians 1:24
3 Things that the text gives us:
    - Promise of God - Luke 12:32 ; Matthew 16:15-18 It’s a fight, Gates are defensive fighting force.
    - It’s Gods faithfulness - Numbers 13:17-33
    - It’s the power of God - 2 Corinthians 8:16
It’s a mission, a battlefield!                            

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