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The Saving Anger Of A Father

May 8, 2011 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Revelation

Topic: Biblical Passage: Revelation 8:6–8:12

Scripture declares that we are no better than Osama Bin Laden. If you think your better, you are in sin and may not know Christ.

God will destroy, kill, and/or judge anyone that gets in the way of Gods salvation; the ones that holds Gods children captive, He is determined to rescue His children.

God is going to kill or destroy your idols, anything that holds His children captive.

Great joy: “I will be their God, they will be my people and I will dwell among them.”

* Revelation 8:6-12

- All of these judgements are linked by a common theme in their old and new testament parallels by judgement against nations and the idolatry of nationalism that they are a political ideology that can save. - Psalm 2:1-9

God is making war!

Worthless self-efficiency:




These values are not in the bible.

Application points:

1. If you know Jesus and know your total depravity by your eyes being opened, God really loves you.

* Hosea 11:1-9 God loves you and He will destroy your idols.

* Deuteronomy 31:6 ; Romans 8:15

2. He is at war with your captors.

* Hebrews 12:3-6

3. Trust in the Gospel and join Him in doing battle against your idols.

Romans 8:12-15 Put to death continuously your idols.

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