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Your False Gospel

June 5, 2011 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Centered.....on the Gospel

Topic: Biblical Passage: 2 Peter 1:3–1:10

Many Christians can not find change in their lives due to false gospel. We believe in perseverance of the saints and believers can live in this area. Unfortunately many Christians are just stuck in their own life and there is not victory their.
What motivates us (values in the world):
Security, saftey, friends, success, family, comfort, 401Ks
Abraham H. Maslow (raw hierarchy of needs):

Maslow Chart (hierarchy of needs)

To Live is Christ!

 Is your life changed?
* 2 Peter 1:3-10 We become what we worship.
1. Written to believers
2. The gospel is everything. They have forgotten the gospel, that is why there was no fruit.
3. Forgetting the gospel causes them to be blind, near sided -Romans 7:21-25
    I) Near sided/Blind
        a). Become unfruitful and ineffective because they have forgotten their great need.
You might forget your great need for the cross by:
    1. If you forgot that you are completely and total depraved.
    2. If you begin to believe that there is good things in you, why God elected you.  (Comparing yourself)
There is victory in Christ.
    II) Don’t see victory, identified in Christ.
    III) It is a battle

False Gospels:
- What needs to be fixed (rescued, saved)?
- The salvation of the false gospel.
- Why it’s a false gospel.
- It leads to’s why. The death producing results.

1). Behavior Change:
- Solution is to try harder.  Do more.  Read the next three step program and “get ‘er done.” Avoid external behavior that would give the appearance of evil and strap on those that give the appearance of righteousness.
- It’s false because it misses the point!  Luke 6:43
- Result is self-righteousness, arrogance, pride, disdain for others, pride, gossip, anger, impatience.

2). Feeling! “I need to feel something.”
- Solution is to seek an experience, a mountain top experience, to feel the HS, to hear a voice, to seek “feel good” services.  
- It’s false because it doesn’t save.  Burning bushes, dreams, visions, talking donkey…never saved anyone.  Hebrews 1..and 2 Timothy 3…
- Feeds a constant need to “feel” good, to be on high…tossed back and forth by every false wind…. Your emotions become your god.

3). More Doctrine:
    - Solution is to become  an expert…to know more. Very prevalent in reformed churches
    - It’s false because it replaces our need, dependency, and worship of Christ for a worship of knowledge (1 Cor 13, John 5:39)
    - Result is self-righteousness, arrogance, pride, disdain for others, anger, impatience. Judgmental, critical spirit.

4).Relationship change:
- Solution is in fellowship, acceptance, friendship, marriage, kids.  
- It’s false because it replaces our unique and sole satisfaction in Him! Jer.17:5-6
- It produces a constant and insatiable yearning for friends, people, community…it can’t save. Or a need to be affirmed and accepted all the time…

5). Felt needs! What needs to be changed is how people meet my felt needs!
- Solution is People need to do more for me.
- It’s false because it having things cannot change, redeem, heal your heart that needs to love, honor, cherish, and worship Jesus!  John 6
- Result is whining and complaining spirit, a consistent pity party and self focus.  

Gospel Imperatives!
          - Constant awareness of the extent and gravity of our sin (Romans 7)
          - We are sinful because of internal depravity.  External fixes are no solution  
            (Jeremiah 17:9)
          - Identity IN CHRIST (Gal 2:20) *Ephesians 1& 2; Romans 11:22
          - Battleship not a “love boat.” Hebrews 12
          - Life lived in the joy, love, forgiveness, and mercy by repentance and faith                                   
            (Romans 11)

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