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Revelation Wrap Up

August 28, 2011 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Revelation

Topic: Biblical Passage: Revelation 20:1–20:6

I. Absolute Essentials
    1. Christ has won and in glory sits at the right hand of the Father where nothing lies outside His sovereign rule!
        - Walk in a manner that is worthy of your calling.
        * Revelation 1:4-8
    2. The Kingdom of God is “already” and “not yet complete.”
        * Revelation 21:1-3
    3. This means that there is tension in our lives.
        - Tension drives us to be living on mission. Jesus is a faithful witness.
        * Revelation 1:2,5; 2:13; 3:14; 6:9; Matthew 28:19
II. Eschatology - study of future things.
    1. He is coming back. The second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is one event, our blessed hope...not  a second and third advent.
        - We will meet Him!
    2. When He comes back, there will be one general physical resurrection of believers and unbelievers. The rapture occurs here (1 Thessalonians 4:17).
        - Jesus will be greeted in the clouds.
    3. There is one judgment...after this.
        * Romans 8:1
            1.) It will be His glory on both sentenced of eternal judgement on some and His glory in eternal blessings by grace on others. *Romans 9-11 God is glorified.
            2.) It will reveal to all that humanity is divided by between those who are enemies and those who belong to God by grace.  
            3.) It will reveal the degree of rewards and lost of rewards for those  who know Jesus.  
    4. After this, the eternal state.
 III. Centered on the Gospel
    1. The gospel is the center of gravity for the Old Testament and New Testament.
        - It is the gospel that unites the entire word of God.
    2. The gospel restores the Kingdom.
    3. Jesus is the Hero of it all...He is the Lord God Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, The Slain Lamb Standing, THE LORD OF HISTORY!
    4. All of history is moving toward the restoration of the universe and His people (new heavens and new earth).
- Seven sections to the Book of Revelation:
    1. Letters to the 7 churches to Asia Minor (Ch.1-3). Real churches, all churches!
    2. Seal Judgement (Ch.4-7).
    3. Seven Trumpets (Ch.8-11).
    4. Spiritual Battle (Ch.12-14).
    5. Seven Bowls(Ch.15-16).
    6. Fall of Satan(Ch.17-19).
    7. Final Judgement(Ch.20-22)
IV. Revelation 20:1-6
-Problems with Pre-millennium
1. Chronological order - battle
2. Jesus Returns
3. Jesus reigns 1,000 years and Satan is bound
4. Another war
*Hebrews 12, view is parallel. John says Satan is bound so nations will not be deceived.
*Acts 26:16-18
- Not two events, same events told again. *Revelation 20:4-6; Revelation 6:9

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