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The King's Mission

January 1, 2012 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Mark

Topic: Biblical Passage: Mark 1:1–1:20

Purpose of life is to glorify God.
1.Gospel has a goal to transform us in the image of Jesus Christ.
*2 Corinthians 3:18; John 13:34
2.Mission of the gospel is to be a proclaimer.
*Matthew 28:15-18; Acts 1:5
Your calling is to proclaim the gospel.
-The book of Mark is the first gospel was written and the other gospel writers borrowed from Marks writings. Written in Rome to Roman Christians.
*Mark 1:1; Genesis 1:1 In the Beginning, the gospel belonging to Jesus Christ!
*Mark 1:14-15; Mark 1:6-8; Mark 8:31-32,34-38 Center of Gospel, brings conflict.
*Mark 1:16-20 Jesus doesn’t care about what you do for a living, He cares about your calling. Conflict enters in their livelihood.
Messiah means the anointed one, the King of all things.
Reasons to follow Jesus:
1.To obey Him, make disciples of all nations.
2.Love those outside of hope, outside the gospel.
Apart from Gods grace the sinner will never stop sinning and Gods judgement on them will never end.
3.We love the Triune God, our motivation.
*Ephesians 1:6