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The King's Prophet: Mark 1:1-8

January 8, 2012 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Mark

Topic: Biblical Passage: Mark 1:1–1:8

*Jeremiah 29:11-13
*Mark 1:1-8 (Suspend Judgement)
1.You have to be familiar with the Old Testament.  
2.This passage is meant to introduce Jesus.
General points:    
1)The message (the Gospel) your son (John the Baptist) will have for people will save them. In the Gospel of Luke.
*Romans 1:16
2)John the Baptist job was to make the path straight for the King of the Universe, John is a forerunner.
-Specific points:
1.John the Baptist wears what he wears, says what says and does what he does because he carries the authority of the Living God. John the Baptist is a prophet.
    *Zechariah 13; 2 Kings 1:8
    He is unequivocally the forerunner for the King of the world.
    *Isaiah 40:3,9-11; Malachi 3:1
    He proclaims the best message there is, The Gospel.
The message of the Gospel and the message of John the Baptist, is a message that accurately assesses the condition of mankind then and accurately assesses the condition in 2012.  
*Genesis 3:15; Genesis 6:5; Romans 3:10-12; Luke 3:17
-Our greatest joy is understanding the superiority of Jesus Christ, to live for the praise and adoration of Jesus.
*Philippians 2:5-11