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Living Sent: Mark 6:7-13

May 20, 2012 Speaker: Joshua Vernoy Series: Mark

Topic: Biblical Passage: Mark 6:1–6:13

*Mark 6:1-13 Evangelism
1.Is this text prescribing to us how we should reach the people in our home town or is it describing proper evangelism?
Preach repentance!
Goal: Understand our calling and to crave its completion.
What is your mission and why does it matter?
*Matthew 10:1-4
There is a sense of urgency, the Apostles go to their home towns. The people in the towns know the ones that were sent.
Are you living sent? Are you part of the call?
The reason you should preach repentance because your grateful of what Jesus did for you. Belief is seen when someone is dedicated.
Our mission is to search for lost sheep of Israel and tell the people to repent, it matters because no one will consider the resurrection. The resurrection is the power of the gospel.
The only source that motivates to preach repentance is because of the calling.