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The Good Shepherd: Mark 6:30-44

June 3, 2012 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Mark

Topic: Biblical Passage: Mark 6:30–6:44

*Mark 1:1,4,7,17
1) Jesus has the power to reverse the curse of the law.
2) Jesus has the power to forgive sins.
3) Jesus is the Sabbath rest.
-You cannot do anything that Jesus has asked you to do and our normative of that reality is to turn our back to the calling or diminish it.
*Deuteronomy 7:5-8
-You are completely incompetent, totally depraved.
*Psalm 44:1-3; Numbers 27:15-17; Deuteronomy 18:15; John 6:1-6
-God communicates that we don’t have the resources.
-You need a Shepherd, you cannot do what God has called you to do.
*Mark 6:30-44
-Jesus has compassion for everyone because we are all broken.
Jesus called us to:
1.Love and minister to the lost with a reckless abandonment.
2.Those who are lost, have compassion on them for they do not have a Shepherd.
*Romans 1:16
Mission impossible: Make disciples of all nations and to love as Christ loves you.
1.You cant do it
2.When you unhinge yourself from your desperate need for a Shepherd and try to function out of your competence or turn you back because of your lack of resources, you will never have compassion for people.
Compassion begins with an understanding that you need a Shepherd in your life.
3.Jesus is in-fact the Good Shepherd that changes everything.
*Exodus 3:14; John 10:7-11
Compassion means doing something, to be compelled for action.
Jesus has all the resources for you to do what He has called you to do.
*James 2:14-26
1.God takes nothing and breaths His power into it and does amazing things.
2.We have the greatness, the limitless power of God at our disposal.
3.His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
4.Jesus is the Good Shepherd.