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The Amazing Power In The Presence Of Jesus: Mark 9:2-29

July 8, 2012 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Mark

Topic: Biblical Passage: Mark 9:2–9:29

*Mark 8:31-38
*Mark 9:1-13
What compels you to live for Jesus?
*Mark 9:2-29
3 hooks:
1.The morphine, vision who Jesus is. Jesus’ clothes are so white!
2.It is a compelling and terrifying presence of Jesus. Drawn to Jesus and then they were terrified.
*Exodus 19:10; 20:18-19 - Words can’t describe the presence of God.
*Exodus 24:15-17; Exodus 40:34
How do we do what God has asked you to do?
We do it for the glory of God! It doesn't compelled people that God gets the glory, credit.
*1 Corinthians 10:31 - Do it all for the Glory of God!
*2 Corinthians 3:18 - Not only that Glory is so compelling but it is the only way it changes us!
3.Jesus makes it permanent, permanent access to the Glorious Jesus.
What is glory, What compels us?
1.His character, declare the glory of God. God is ultimate infinitely glorious, heaven declares! You think creation is great imagine the creator!
*Psalms 19:1
2.Glory is the particular excellence of a thing that is worth praise.
*Psalm 29:1-2
3.Jesus is the unique and supreme manifestation of Gods Glory and we should praise him, look at Him.
4.Praising something that is glorious is deeply woven into our humanity and we do understand it.
Jesus is infinity worth praise.
5.Human beings long for it, but sin keeps us from it. What sin really is seeking our own glory or something else apart from God.
*Romans 1:18-26
6.Salvation, Sanctification, transformation as we live and experience the excellencies of Jesus is to die to the whole self glorification project thats sin has produced.
7.Beholding the excellencies of Jesus is the basis of joy and transformation.
*2 Corinthians 3:18