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The Excellencies Of Jesus Christ: Mark 9:30-10:31

July 15, 2012 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Mark

Topic: Biblical Passage: Mark 9:30–10:31

All cultures have a set of values that drive the culture. American culture is personal increase and it is hard to hear the gospel. Christianity is to value God above all else! Our values are out of whack.
*Mark 9:30-37
Jesus speaks against personal increase.
1.Jesus excellencies is the highest value creates a culture that chooses insignificance over recognition or status. When your living in the excellencies of the gospel of Jesus Christ you will choose insignificance over personal increase.
*John 3:22-30
Joy is complete because of the excellencies of Jesus.
What we struggle with, the enemy:
A.It’s not practical.
B.You don't value it
*Mark 10:1-10
2.When we find our greatest value in the excellencies of Jesus, we become a people of sacrifice over our own comfort and security, living a selfless life.
3.When you live in the life of excellencies of Christ you will live in a life of humble broken dependence.
*Mark 10:17-31