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Fig Less Fig Tree: Mark 11:1-19

July 22, 2012 Speaker: Joshua Vernoy Series: Mark

Topic: Biblical Passage: Mark 11:1–11:19

*Mark 11:1-19
Jesus is:
1. King, Jesus claims Dave’s throne but He is not the Messiah Israel wanted. Jesus is not the champion of your cause. Jesus owns everything.
Clots is submission to the King and palms liberator from Rome. Palms are a sign of victory.
3.Priest, He is the Lamb, the High Priest. Jesus is not just cleansing the temple, He is gathering the outcast.
*Mark 11:15-19
*Isaiah 56:6-8
*Mark 11:12-14
Fig tree represents Israel. Purpose of church, person is to worship God. Jesus sees us as outcast.