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Hebrews: The House Of God

March 3, 2013 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Hebrews

Topic: Biblical Passage: Hebrews 3:6–3:19

We are in the house if....*Psalms 27:4; Philippians 3:8 They LOVE the HOUSE!!!
If we set the Gospel above all else, we are in the house!
*Hebrews 3:6-19
We are the house of God, (the living metaphor) with the coming of Jesus. If we hold fast to:
Confidence verse 6 & 14
Boasting in our hope verse 6
Don't fall away from God verse 12
Class conditions :
If its true.....Matthew 4:3 "Since your the Son of God."
If its not true.....Luke 19:42 "If you know or didn't know."
God loves us because we reflect His glory.
*John 17:3
The best thing God can give you is himself.
The "IF" is a "KNOW"
You are the house of God if you want the HOUSE more than anything else.
Examine your life to see if you really love the house of God. Grow in the love of Jesus, don't fall from it.
8 ways to examine your life:
1. Not loving Jesus above every good thing in your life.
2. Loss of joy
3. Aversion to the word of God and prayer.
4. Aversion to fellowship with the body.
5. Serving idols as a way of life.
6. No fear of The Lord.
7. Denying responsibility of your sin.
8. Procrastinating repentance ( TODAY).