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Romans: Condemned Or Justified: Enslaved By The Actions of Another

December 15, 2013 Speaker: Joshua Vernoy Series: Romans

Topic: Biblical Passage: Romans 5:12–5:21

*Romans 5:12-21
We are all born as rebels, sinners from the fallen Adam.
Adam was put in the garden:
1. To worship God, enjoy Gods creation and blessing forever.
2. To Keep it; to trust, to obey, to be safe in or to rest.
3. To Multiply for the sake of glorifying God forever.
*Genesis 2:15-3:19
Stripped away after the fall:
1. Naked and ashamed
2. Man went from knowing only good, to only knowing evil.
Just as sin was imputed to you by Adam, Christ righteousness imputed to you. Sin and righteousness is not imputed in equal value. The righteousness of God is more powerful then any sin.

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