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Romans: Law, Sin, Death vs. Grace, Righteousness, Life

January 12, 2014 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Romans

Topic: Biblical Passage: Romans 6:14–6:23

*Romans 6:19
Paul speaks in human term using metaphors such as slavery, marriage and sonship.
Sin in you life is like living hell, enslavement to sin is death.
*John 8:31-32; Galatians 5:1; 1 Peter 2:16
Emancipation proclamation, liberated!
*Romans 5:1,8-9,18
*Romans 6:14-23
We are not under law but under grace!
1. The experience of freedom that we have by the power of the Gospel begins with the sovereign gift of cognition.
2. Sin is bondage to death.
*James 1:14-15
3. Gods actions on behalf of sinners liberate us, breaking the believers enslavement to sin and knowing them gives us the experience of freedom.
4. Turn to obedience to righteousness because you believe in the doctrine.
5. Turning back to slavery of the law and of sin, a righteousness of your own or lawlessness is enslavement to death because in so doing we return to that slavery of sin from which we were liberated by the shed blood of Christ.
*2 Peter 2:22; Proverbs 26:11
The gospel is life changing and practical.
Saying you believe in the Gospel and have no change, displays you’re a practical atheist.
The Gospel is the root of sanctification.
Sin is an addiction and only by the Gospel the power of sin can be broken.

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