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Romans: Suffering For His Glory

March 2, 2014 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Romans

Topic: Biblical Passage: Romans 8:18–8:25

*Acts 4:1-4, 29
From broken to redeemed the strategy is suffering.
*Acts 5:40-42, 7:35-37,39, 9:15-16
*Lamentations 3:32-33
*2 Corinthians 11:25-29
*Romans 1:5-6, 16:26
Obedience of faith by preaching the Gospel.
Romans 5:1-4, 8:21-25
Suffering strengthens the hope of being saved.
1. You need to have a high view of God.
God is soveirgn, God is good!
2. You have an overinflated opinion of your own wisdom.
3, All suffering is to exult in the glory of God.
4. The cost of the great commission is infinite and it is well worth it.

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