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Romans: God's Word Never Fails

March 23, 2014 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Romans

Topic: Biblical Passage: Romans 9:1–9:11

*Romans 8:31-39
Hallelujah video:
*Romans 9:1-13
*Luke 13:34-35
*Jeremiah 12:7, 22:28-30, 23:3-4
*Acts 2:20-21
THEME: God’s Word has not failed. The salvation, redemption, restoration of the righteous remnant of Israel has never been primarily about physical descent, but about spiritual descent. That is the children of promise are those who call upon the name of the Lord and that will happen based on the sovereign good pleasure of GOD!
Trusting God:
1.God is infinite wisdom, infinite power, infinite sovereignty, and infinite love, and infinite goodness.
2.Election is a work of God occurring before creation in which he choses to save some and not others.
3.It is all for His Glory.
4.Based on sovereign choice not merit.
5.Therefore the security of the promises and the assurance of their occurrence is not relegated to nor governed by, nor given because of any human act or lack their of.

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