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Romans: God Foreknew

May 25, 2014 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Romans

Topic: Biblical Passage: Romans 11:1–11:10

*Romans 5:8
*Romans 8:37-39
Nation Israel not saved because:
1. Rejected Jesus
2. Sovereign grace
We must live sent lives!
*Romans 11:1-10
-Israel is a microcosm, a snapshot of how God rescues His people. It isn’t just about Israel, its about you.
-Your either in a stupor or in great joy with your salvation.
-Everybody is searching for a sense of significance.
*Psalm 8:1-4
There are no workarounds!
Significance is:
God created male and female, community, created us to know him, to enjoy Him forever and to extend His glory.
*Romans 8:29-30
*Jeremiah 1:5; 2 Timothy 2:19; 1 Kings 19:18
Romans 9-11:
1. If you know Christ by the power of the gospel than you know His love for you.
2. Knowing this love leads to worship.
3. Worship leads to mission.
4. Your saved by Grace.

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