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Joshua: River

March 1, 2015 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Joshua

Topic: Biblical Passage: Joshua 3:1–3:17

*Romans 1:18-25,28-32
1. Taking the land is a universal call by God it doesn’t have anything to do with real estate.
2. We are to extend the temple.
*Joshua 2:24
*Joshua 3:1-2,15
Opinions when we get to the Jordan:
1. To turn back, no courage.
2. Morph what God wants you to do.
3. To get busy, having activity.
4. You can wait on God.
How do we wait on the Lord:
1.Eyes on Jesus, the ark of the covenant.
*Joshua 3:3-17
Contents of the ark of the covenant:
-Written decalogue.
-Pot of manna.
-Aaron’s rod that budded.
Jesus fulfills the law, he is the bread of life, and rod used by God to bring people from death to life.
Activity minus being still leads to death.
Being still begins and ends with eyes on Jesus.
2. Being sanctified.
-Repent and confess your sins.
-God interrupts the normal chain of events in your life.
3.Take the step and be still.
*Psalm 114:1-7

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