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Joshua: Misunderstood

May 17, 2015 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Joshua

Topic: Biblical Passage: Joshua 22:1–22:19

Critical spirit:
1. Conclusion about someone else's character is not from the spirit of God.
2. If you are a critical person by nature, you probably are not experiencing grace.
When you live in grace, the way you think about people will change.
3. Normally when you criticize people is because you don't feel good about yourself.
The way ahead:
1. Gospel: Knowing who you are and know who they are. You are picking a fight of who God owns.
2. You can not know someone's else's motives.
3. Loving direct unembellished singular dialogue when there is a misunderstanding is required in order to solve it.
Agree to move from a critical spirit to an encourager.
*Joshua 22:1-19
*2 Corinthains 1:12-13,15-20,24
Misunderstanding destroys relationships and churches.
1. Do not create a story by assigning motive. If you have blanks you don’t have story.
2. Go to that person before you open your mouth and ask questions.
3. Don’t assign dark motives that is not going the way you don't want it to go. Don't build a case.
4. When someone has proven themselves to be faithful to you, then don’t pick up the grievance of another person.
5. Do not withdraw.
6. Let go of your need of self evaluation.

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