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Joshua: Cleave

May 24, 2015 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Joshua

Topic: Biblical Passage: Joshua 23:1–23:16

Your best joyful led life:
*John 12:24-26; Matthew 16:21-28
If you don't pick up your cross daily you will lose your life.
*Acts 20:24
*Joshua 23:1-16
*Genesis 2:24; Ephesians 5
Cling to the Lord, to cleave!
*Revelation 22:3
Do we admire Jesus or are we enslaved to him?
1.Somebody converted but not enslaved.
2.Do you know facts about Jesus or do you know Jesus?
*Genesis 4:1 “know,” intimate.
*Philippians 3:8-9
3.Is Jesus your one and only hope?
-What do you spend most of your time and money on?
-What are you most afraid of?
-What brings you the most joy?
1. Trust Jesus because He is faithful by what he has done for you.
*Romans 8:32
2. God is sovereign over all things.
*Philippians 2:13,1:6 God is at work!
Unbelief is judgment!

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