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Life In 3-D: Go Obey

September 20, 2015 Speaker: Joshua Vernoy Series: Life In 3-D

Topic: Biblical Passage: Matthew 28:1–28:20

1. Why care about the great commission?
⁃ Because of the resurrection
⁃ Matthew 28:8, 16-17 - Decide to believe or deny
⁃ For some used fear to go away from and other towards Christ
⁃ Use fear/doubt to drive you closer to Christ
⁃ Hopeful - causing to hurry/run
2. How
⁃ Daunting task - huge responsibility
⁃ Know what is asked
⁃ Responsible to make a plan
3. What decisions we make - what are you gonna do about tit
⁃ To transition relationships and conversations to the gospel or not
⁃ This is done based on obedience
⁃ 2 reason for not giving the gospel:
⁃ Don’t want to
⁃ Don’t know how
⁃ Brokenness is everywhere and is a great way to transition into the gospel

2 Things to do:
- Go
- Teach to obey

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