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Revolution: I Want to Talk About Me

September 11, 2016 Speaker: Joshua Vernoy Series: Revolution: Sermon on the Mount

Topic: Biblical Passage: Matthew 5:7–5:9

The Beatitudes are aimed at those who are self in grossed, self centered and self righteous (us).

We are in grossed in ourselves, and that's what the first three Beatitudes are against.

The Beatitudes are not something you can do, like a check list, but a knowing or state of being.

Matthew 5:7
- Mercy - those in light of being in poor in spirit, you can be merciful (looking on the misery of another being, and wanting to help)
- Romans 1:18 - God's glory through God's mercy or wrath
- The misery somebody is experiencing is there so you can show them mercy
- Mercy isn't giving out of joy but out of love and empathy
What does it look like for us?
- Plan your acts of mercy
- Be in the right state of mind, pray for people and observe misery.
- Observe misery

Matthew 5:8
- Pure in heart - Those who are aware of their condition crave the purification of it
- The closer we get to God the more we realize how much more we need to be purified
- Actively pursue the presence of God/scripture
- See the worth and truth of scripture
- Realign yourself with prayer
- Meditate on the God's glory

Matthew 5:9
- Peacemakers - Those who have found peace with God, go out of their way to extend peace.
- Puts aside their own self interest, their self centeredness, but so thoroughly meek, they know it's not about them.
What a peacemaker does:
- Stop talking (without thinking)
- Do everything in light of the Gospel
- Proactively seek to seek to make peace

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