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Revolution: Salt of the Earth

September 18, 2016 Speaker: Joshua Vernoy Series: Revolution: Sermon on the Mount

Topic: Biblical Passage: Matthew 5:10–5:16

Matthew 5:10-16

Matthew 5:1-12
- They sound bad, especially verse 10
- What does blessed really mean? Can persecution be blessing?
- Asking for removal for persecution makes as much sense as asking for removal of mercy.

Blessed who are persecuted FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE.
Blessed are those who are wrongfully accused
- "Theirs is the kingdom of heaven", "They shall be comforted", "Shall inherit the earth".....we are given large responsibilities to build and extend the Kingdom and will be given the strength to do so.

Why is persecution a gift?
- It allows us to taste glory
- persecution is a better measurement of blessing
- Looking at what makes us really happy shows us what we really love and worship.

Matthew 5:13-16
You are the salt of the world:
- We bring "flavor" - When you are persecuted, you are flavor for the rest of the word
- First warning is if we loose our flavor, what purpose do you have? ("Worthless and trampled under feet")
- Be an everlasting symbol of Jesus' reign over the earth. (Salting the world)
You are the light of the world:
- Persecution helps us bringing the light to the world.
- Will you seek your own glory or God's glory?

God's glory and more of it....

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