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Revolution: Lists

October 2, 2016 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Revolution: Sermon on the Mount

Topic: Biblical Passage: Matthew 5:20–5:26

Matthew 5:20-26

Introduction to our murdering hearts: Lists

- Matthew 5:20

Really to understand the rest of this built on this...vs. must have a righteousness that exceeds the Rightousness of the Pharisees...

1. The Pharisees missed the point of the LAW with its 613 commands and prohibitions. They understood it as LIST of things to do. This is not the center of the law. They added to the law, creating the oral tradition.
2. List of your own rightness (goodness, self righteousness) destroys LOVE. Lists manufactures enemies, nurtures HATE, critical spirit, and a MURDEROUS stance.
3. The sermon on the MOUNT is about PERFECTED LOVE

- 1 Corinthians 13:5 - Love your enemies!
- Matthew 5:44 - center of all the text, "be perfect as your heavenly Father"

Principle: Your list of your own RIGHTEOUSNESS...your own right behavior, destroys love and leads to murder (In all of it's forms).

"Does not take into account a wrong suffered" really rids us of enemies

4. The law is not a list, what is it? THE LAW REVEALS SOMETHING!
   1. The Law Manifests God's Glory
   2. The Law Reveals Our Brokenness
   3. The Law Demonstrates God's Grace
   4. Galatians 3:24
5. How does a LIST of our Self-Righteousness murder people...?
   1. Anger - slow burn
   2. Raka - not recognizing somebody as a human being
   3. Moros - Moron, idiot....

- Ezekiel 36:26 - new heart

We are given the Holy Spirit to have a new heart and live without the list to love others
- 2 Corinthians 5:17

- Write a list of your list - things other people do that goes against your list
- Write your sins down

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