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Revolution: Lust and Gospel Centered Sex

October 9, 2016 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Revolution: Sermon on the Mount

Topic: Biblical Passage: Matthew 5:27–5:29

Center of Sermon on the mount:
- Matthew 5:20, 44, 48
- We are all captive and Jesus is speaking to you
- Jeremiah 17:9
- Ecclesiastes 9:3
- Mark 7:21-22
- Ezekiel 36:26
- You need a new heart

Gospel-Centered Sex
1. We are all sexually broken
- Matthew 5:28
- Epithelial: to greatly desire to do or own something - 'to long for, to desire very much. The force of this word is to use someone for your OWN gratification...putting your desire as make your desire central...this would include your spouse and any other person.
2. Sex is a gift from God
- Matthew 19:4
3. Sex is a gift from God with a purpose
- Ephesians 5:22-32
- It's about Jesus and the church

New Heart
1. Purity
- eliminate the trash
2. Work on a sacrificial relationship
3. Recognize it doesn't always work...


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