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Vital Signs: Guardians of Our Joy

January 1, 2017 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Vital Signs

Topic: Biblical Passage: 2 Chronicles 16:9–16:9

What if you could live your life knowing you would have no regrets.
- Psalms 16:11
- 1 Peter 1:8

Vital Signs:
1. Commit to them!
- 2 Chronicles 16:9
2. Regain your freedom by enslaving yourselves to them
- John 8:31-32
3. Commitment to these vital signs means burning the plow...
- 1 Kings 19:19-21
- Proper perspective
- No Plan B

“Hence we may learn, that whatever changes a godly man passes through, he is happy; because God, who is unchangeable, is his chosen portion. Though he meet with temporal losses, and be deprived of many, yea, of all his temporal enjoyments; yet God, whom he prefers before all, still remains, and cannot be lost. While he stays in this changeable, troublesome world, he is happy; because his chosen portion, on which he builds as his main foundation for happiness, is above the world, and above all changes. And when he goes into another world, still he is happy, because that portion yet remains…. How great is the happiness of those who have chosen the Fountain of all good, who prefer him before all things in heaven or on earth, and who can never be deprived of him to all eternity!” - Jonathan Edwards, God the Best Portion of the Christian

4. Commitment to these vital signs begins with Dependent on gospel rhythms...TIME WITH
- Psalms 90:10, 12
- Mark 6:31-32
- Mark 1:35
- Luke 5:15-16

Things to do:
- Get on a Bible reading plan for the year
- Get into a Bible study
- Prayer, prayer, prayer, and more of it
- Commit to a Missional Community
- Find a way to be accountable

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