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Glory: Behold The King

February 5, 2017 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Glory: Christ’s Glory in Isaiah

Topic: Biblical Passage: Isaiah 6:1–6:8

God pursues us
- Isaiah 1:2-4
- Isaiah 1:18
- Isaiah 4:2-6

The Substance of Isaiah
1. It's a vision from God! (1:1)

Who can tell us whether this awful and mysterious silence, in which the Infinite One has wrapped himself, portends mercy or wrath? Who can say to the troubled conscience whether He, whose laws in nature are inflexible and remorseless, will pardon sin? Who can answer the anxious inquiry whether the dying live on or whether they cease to be? Is there a future state? And if so, what is the nature of that untried condition of being? If there be immortal happiness, how can I attain it? If there be an everlasting woe, how can it be escaped? Let the reader close his Bible and ask himself seriously what he knows upon these momentous questions apart from its teachings. What solid foundation has he to rest upon in regard to matters which so absolutely transcend all earthly experience and are so entirely out of the reach of our unassisted faculties? A man of facile faith may perhaps delude himself into the belief of what he wishes to believe. He may thus take upon trust God's unlimited mercy, his ready forgiveness of transgressors, and eternal happiness after death. But this is all a dream. He knows nothing, he can know nothing about it, except by direct revelation from heaven. - Henry Green

2. The name Isaiah means "the Lord saves"

The point that God saves sinners. God—the Triune Jehovah, Father, Son, and Spirit; three Persons working together in sovereign wisdom, power and love to achieve the salvation of a chosen people, the Father electing, the Son fulfilling the Father’s will by redeeming, the Spirit executing the purpose of the Father and Son by renewing. Saves–does everything, first to last, that is involved in bringing man from death in sin to life in glory: plans, achieves and communicates redemption, calls and keeps, justifies, sanctifies, glorifies. Sinners–men as God finds them, guilty, vile, helpless, powerless, unable to lift a finger to do God’s will or better their spiritual lot. God saves sinners. - JI Packer

3. God saves us into His glorious presence
- Isaiah 26:9
- Isaiah 30:18
- Isaiah 55:1

Three sections
1. The glorious King (chapters 1-37)
2. The. Glorious Servant (chapters 38-55
3. The glorious Anointed Conqueror (chapters 56-66)

Isaiah 6:1-8
John 12:41-43

A patter of pursuit
1. Life begins and is lived in fullness when we see the GLORIOUS JESUS
- Isaiah saw the glory of the sovereignty of Jesus
- Revelation 4:2-3
- Psalms 115:3
- Genesis 50:20
- Romans 8:28
- Isaiah saw the glory of Jesus in His power
- Daniel 4:35
- Proverbs 16:9
- Isaiah saw the glory of Jesus worshiped
- Revelation 4:8-11
- Isaiah saw the glory of Jesus in His holiness
2. Glory humbles us
3. Glory is seen in our redemption
4. Glory sends us!

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