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Gospel Of John: When In Doubt

October 29, 2017 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Gospel Of John

Topic: Biblical Passage: John 20:19–20:29

Tooth Fairy


4 Proofs Of the Resurrection

  1. Empty tomb
  2. New found courage of the apostles
  3. Crowds of eye witnesses
  4. Paul’s Conversion


John 20:19-29


Three Views

  1. John looks At the camera
  • John 20:25
  • John 20:31
  • 2 Timothy 3:16
  • 2 Peter 1:20-21


  1. God looks at us
  • We are all “doubters”
  • Genesis 15:8
  • Genesis 17:17-18
  • Genesis 18:12-15
  • Exodus 5:22-23
  • Romans 3:10-12


  • God is infinitely patient with us
  • The double mind


“Preliminary drawlings and sketches often are discouraging things, pale shadows of one’s bold intentions. Seemingly nonsense, they’re especially dispiriting for beginners… ‘Is that what I did,’ the novice might ask, ‘and I consider myself an artist?!…Speaking for myself (but also for other illustrators, I’m sure), my trash basket is full of false starts and failed drawings… There should be a Museum of Failed Art. It would exhibit all the terrible art that would have ended up in trash bins and garbage cans, lost and known to the public life.“ - R.O. Blechman


  1. Thomas looks at God
  • John 20:28


Just for Us

  1. Listen to the Apostles...
  2. See how patient He is with you...
  3. Look at His wounds...
  4. Drop your conditions

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