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Hope: What Hope Looks Like

May 13, 2018 Speaker: Jeff Walser Series: Hope

Topic: Biblical Passage: Matthew 7:24–7:29

Jesus' first word is "flourishing". (markarios)

Jesus' last word is "crash".

Who is speaking?...YAWEH!

  • He is personal
  • He is present
  • He is all powerful
  • He is promising

What is He saying to us?

What does a life of hopeful resilience look like?

  • It impacts and influences the community around it.       Matthew 5:13-14
  • Brings peace and stability to those around them.      Matthew 6:25-33
  • Looks to prayer.      Matthew 6:9-13


  1. Are you in Christ?
  2. Do you reflect hope to those around you?
  3. What foundation are you buildbing on ?


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