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Reckless Love: What's Love God to Do With It

May 27, 2018 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Reckless Love

Topic: Biblical Passage: Hosea 1:1–1:11

Romans 3:23-24; 5:8

“The gospel is this: we are more sinful and flawed IN OURSELVES than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted IN JESUS CHRIST than we ever dared hope.” - Tim Keller

Bottom Line Up Front: When you back the camera out from the lives of Hosea, of Gomer, of take a sweeping view of the message of Hosea, this salacious story is a story about our marriage to God...about how the marriage is as bad as it can be. But the climax of the story is what God does, driven by His reckless love, to repair, renew, and restore the glorious joy of our marriage to Him.

It’s about our Marriage to God
- Isaiah 54:5-7
- Isaiah 62:5
- John 3:29
- Revelation 21:2
- 2 Corinthians 11:2-3
Principle: We were created for Union With God. Marriage to God is our singular (one husband), joyful, sacrificial, all encompassing, focused, faithful life WITH God.

Hosea 1:1-2

IMPLIED: God is our rightful husband to which all other persons, places, or things are but a shadow of that reality.

In other word, human beings were created for an intimate relationship with God. As our “rightful husband”, He is the singular highest priority of all of humanity!

“Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to ENJOY HIM FOREVER!” - Westminster Short Catechism

- Psalms 73:24-24

It’s About A Marriage Gone Bad
- Hosea 1:2
- Hosea 4:1
- Hosea 11:7
- Isaiah 53:6
- Romans 1:18-23

Our Sinful Rebellion bring Judgment
- Hosea 1:3-9
- Strip away security
- Make you powerless
- Harden His heart against you
- Disown you forever in judgement
- 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9

At the CENTER is God’s reckless love restoring, renewing, and redeeming the marriage to His people!
(Anticipating the new “head” that brings restoration)
- Hosea 1:10-11

A story of Redemption
- Hosea 3:1-5
- Philippians 2:7-11

In Christ we are more loved and excepted than we ever dared hope!
- God has chosen to set His affections on you…you are His
- Hosea 2:1
- Hosea 11:9
- Romans 9:24-26
- You are LOVED!
- Jeremiah 31:3