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Reckless Love: No Longer Slaves

August 12, 2018 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Reckless Love

Topic: Biblical Passage: Hosea 11:1–11:12

Hosea 9:7-15

The Great Reversal

     Hosea 11:8-11

     Hosea 11:1

The most pivotal event in OT HISTORY and NT reference!

     Isaiah 51:15

     Nahum 1:3-4

     Micah 7:15

"THink about it.  Think of what an israelite would say on the way to Canaan, having come out of the Red Sea and so forth.  Here's what an Israelite would say; If you said, 'Who are you?' he would say, 'I was in a foreign land under the sentence of death, in bondage, but I took shelter under the blood of the lamb.  Our mediator let us out, and we crossed over, and now we're on our way to the PromiseLand.  We're not there yet, but he's given us his law to make us a community.  And he's given us the Tabernacle because you have to live by grace and forgiveness.  And his presence is in our midst, and he's going to stay with us until we get home."          Alec Motyer

Out Of Egypt

     Exodus 14:26-31


  • you have to live for something
  • whatever you live for you are serving in bondage to
  • whatever you are living for will control your life and enslave you whether it's a bad thing or a good thing.
  • if you ever fail to get or if you ever lose or if you ever fail the thing you've built your life around, it will come after you and say, "Serve me or die."

" You're gonna have to serve somebody Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord,  But you'regonna have to serve somebody."      Bob Dylan

"How do we escape and why?"

  • The decisive sovereign act of GOD

            Titus 3:5

            Ephesians 2:5-8

  • Why? By blood mediated through Moses (a type of Christ)

            Galatians 2:20