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Vision Sunday: Invest and Invite

January 20, 2019 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Vision Sunday

Topic: Biblical Passage: John 8:1–8:11, John 4:1–4:26

Are we speaking their language?
“If church leaders don't address the changing world, what was once a vital church will become, within a generation, the equivalent of a religious historical society.” - Bob Moeller
Mark 10:45
John 8:1-11
John 4:1-26
John 13:34-35
Acts 8:1 And Saul approved of his (Stephen’s) execution.
Acts 8:4 Now those who were scattered went about preaching the word. (a life of INVESTMENT AND INVITING)
1. YOU are the tip of the gospel spear.
2. Love is the lingua franca (the common language). It is our
greatest apologetic (defense of the gospel).
3. You (me) need to be connected to, empowered by, and
guided by the Holy Spirit.
4. The fuel for you is the gospel as it connects you with the
presence of God!
5. Power and presence are given to those living on mission
1. Deliberate encounters
2. Make your friends their friends
3. Service

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