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Vision Sunday: Sunday is the Best!

January 27, 2019 Speaker: Joe Walser Series: Vision Sunday

Topic: Biblical Passage: Psalm 73:16–73:26

Hebrews 10:25
“While I cannot commend one keystone habit that will make the difference for every believer, I do want to speak up on behalf of one weekly habit that is utterly essential to any healthy, life-giving, joy-producing Christian walk: corporate worship. And it is all too often neglected, or taken very lightly, in our day of disembodiment and in our proclivity for being noncommittal. In fact, I do not think it is too strong to call corporate worship the single most important habit of the Christian life.” - David Mathis, Executive Editor for Desiring God
Psalm 73:22
Psalm 73:16-17
Psalm 73:25-26
 “At home, in my house, there is no warmth or vigor in me. But in the church, when the multitude is gathered together, a fire is kindled in my heart and it breaks all the way through.” - Martin Luther
1 Cor 14:3
 “Sanctification can happen “on the spot” as we sit under gospel preaching and engage in corporate worship. There are times — may God make them many — when the Holy Spirit takes the Scripture read, the prayer spoken, the chorus sung, or the truth preached and presses it right to the point of our need, and not merely informs our Christian walk, but heals us in that moment.” - Tim Keller
 “One important distinction between public worship and private worship is the place of our initiative. Corporate worship reminds us that our faith is fundamentally reception, not our own initiation. In private devotions, we lead ourselves in some sense. In corporate worship, we’re made to receive the leading of others. We collaborate” - David Mathis
 “The reason corporate worship may be the single most important Christian habit, and our greatest weapon in the fight for joy, is because like no other single habit, corporate worship combines all three essential principles of God’s ongoing supply of grace for the Christian life: hearing his voice (in his word), having his ear (in prayer), and belonging to his body (in the fellowship of the church).” - David Mathis
1. Catalyst for the abundant life
2. Courage
3. Creates growth
4. Cultivates a BETTER US
5. Clarifies and Communicates the gospel to those who do not know him
1. Make it your most important habit
2. Getting those who do not know him into the service
3. Work hard to make the service comprehensible

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