who we are

A life on a mission.
"Love God, love others, and fulfill the
Great Commission."

A life with 3G core values

We were created to enjoy and worship God's amazing glory. The Bible says "Whether you eat or drink . . ." What could be more ordinary and humdrum than eating and drinking, "or whatever you do?" Wow, so no matter what it is we do - everything, the most mundane, unimportant stuff in our life, should be "for the glory of God."

The Gospel ("good news") is the constant wellspring of joy and provides the power for a flourishing life that is lived in the presence of God. This good news is the source of our joy and salvation and the power of living a life for God's glory. We are saved by, compelled by, and driven by the truth that Christ died for sinners, taking God's wrath and His work has provided all we need to live in the presence of a Holy and glorious God for our eternal joy.

A life saved and compelled by the power of the GOSPEL results in a life abandoned for the advance of Glory to those who do not yet know Christ in the area of praying, caring, and sharing the hope that we have been given

A life that holds to these beliefs.
"Love God, love others, and fulfill the
Great Commission."

Joe Walser

Senior Pastor

Jeff Walser

Associate Pastor

Eric Savitski:


Scott Ertel


Jesse Brawner


Larry Hoffman


Jake Walser

Youth Co-Director

Jodi Walser

Youth Co-Director

Krissy Brawner

BridgeKids Co-Director

Dawn Walser

BridgeKids Co-Director

Ashley Timperio

BridgeKids Co-Director

Joy Gann

Worship Leader

Jill Walser

Sunday Celebration Coordinator

Rachel Walser

Global and Local Outreach Director